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About Company

Wow it cool is a financial trading company where located 
in New York City. wow it cool was founded by a professor 
James Swift in 2004. we have helped more than 100000+ investors all over the world. to reach their financial goals 

Wow it cool is one of the world’s leading providers of investment, advisory, software services and risk management solutions. We are fiduciaries to our clients. We’re investing for the future on behalf of our clients, inspiring our employees, and supporting our local communities. 

Our Clients

We have helped over 100000+  clients all over the world to reach their financial goals 

Here are some of our clients

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Our Services

Download Trading Robot

This trading robot is designed to help traders who are looking to generate a passive income without any trading knowledge. you can get an average 500% monthly return on your capital with 96% accuracy.

Trading Account Management 

currently we are handing over 50 million dollar account and we have around 10 experience in managing account. we have experienced traders

Automate Your Strategy 

Now you can create your own trading robot to automate your trading strategy. we have a professional software engineer who has both trading and coding knowledge.

Get Started

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Download The Trading Robot

Click on the download button to download Gold Minner robot for the gold chart.

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Trading Account Management 

Contact us to manage your trading account by our most experienced  traders.

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Automate Your Strategy 

Click on the contact us button to create a robot for your own strategy.

Why clients choose us?

Our purpose is to help more and more people experience financial well-being. Together with our clients, we’re contributing to a more equitable and resilient world – today and for generations to come.

Meet our team

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John Smith
Executive Director, Engineering

"I work in Sales, Marketing and Services Engineering, developing systems and tools to support the Operations and Business Development teams. Our goal is to enrich the client experience, simplify operational processes and enable better access to data. While the projects vary in complexity and technologies involved, they always require collaboration."

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Sarah Palmer
Market analyzer 

"I'm working on researching new strategies and analyzing market direction and finding the best opportunities to increase the return of your capital. We play a big role in risk management  and finding market direction process of identifying, assessing and controlling financial, legal, strategic and security risks to an organization's capital and earnings "

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James Swift

"This week we’re writing an article for Institutional Investor magazine—a special issue on defined contribution, or 401(k), investing. Our piece argues that standard “diversified” retirement portfolios aren’t nearly as well-diversified as they appear to be. Because stocks are generally much more volatile than bonds, they account for the vast majority of portfolio risk. We advocate allocating a portion of that risk to a ‘risk-parity’ strategy. "

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Helen Smith
Vice President, Managed Futures Software Developer

"I’m working on a new platform that will allow one of our largest funds to re-imagine how we think about research problems and portfolio management. The core challenge is building a system that allows for a high degree of flexibility with the precision needed in managing multibillion-dollar portfolios."

Steps to Start Trading 



Once you click on the download button it'll take you to the payment page

Buy Trading Plan

On this page, you can pay with your card or PayPal account 

Start Trading

After the payment process, you'll automatically redirect to the download page and the robot will automatically start to download.

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If you wanna need any other clarification please contact us below


If you wanna need any other clarification please  contact us below


+1 (212) 123 45 67



350 5th Ave
350 5th Ave, New York, NY 10118, USA

Working Hours

9:00 - 18:00

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